Blended Healing Touch Treatments

Magnified Healing, Usui Japanese Reiki Healing, and Polarity for People and/or Pets

This a fresh method of healing, that integrated the use of these three healing modalities Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing and Polarity, which meets the the client and/or their pet companion, where healing is needed the most. This is the ultimate experience for calmness, relaxation best experienced within a 6o minute or 90 minute session for optimum feelings of wellness. For any one going through an emotional, mental or physical healing crisis, this practice will help to lift and reactivate the positive flow of Universal Life Force Energy for people and their pet companions.

For example:

  • Solo treatment for a person

  • Solo treatment for the pet companion

  • Solo treatment for the person with distant healing for their pet companion

  • Joint treatments for the person with their pet present receiving a passive healing

  • Separate treatments first for the person and then for their pet companion

Yes, our pet companions can receive healing at the same time, separate or both.

Services available for both people and pets with Roslyn are:

What are the benefits?

Because our pet companions are emotional sponges, they are constantly feeling, receiving and exchanging energy with their beloved pet owner. Within this exchange of energy dwells the potential for optimum health or disease. It is through this interconnectedness of spirit, we find the reasons why, when there is a healing crisis within the pet owner, very often, their pet companion will also manifest a similar illness, such as cancer or anxiety disorders. Therefore benefits of being open to bringing one’s pet companion into the healing session, are the manifestation of stress reduction and good health for both the pet owner and their companion, as well as a validation for the unspoken bond of love, that is shared between them.

What our pet companions teach us is the meaning of unconditional love and how to live in the moment and this helps receptive pet owner to live within the renewal of equilibrium of joy, optimum health and emotional wellness.

It is in the combination of blending healing modalities and techniques, that the practitioner is able to meet each person and animal companion with what is needed to bring balance and optimum wellness into the present moment. Reiki is a form of Universal Life Force Energy healing therapy that uses simply hand-on, no-touch and visualization methods of touch and this helps with the manifestations of improving the flow of life force energy CHI in a person or animal’s body. Reiki connects with the Chakras or Energy Center of the body, which helps the Endocrine system to relax and in this stare of relaxation, the brain releases positive endorphins aids in the return of centered, grounded, feelings of health and wellness. Magnified Healing is a complimentary healing technique that works with amplifying the Reiki energies, through the enlightened focused channeling “heart-fire-energy” of Love and it is within this magnified connection with the higher-self one can return to feelings of love, wholeness and peace. By adding in as needed, Polarity methods, the body’s magnetic connection to heaven and earth becomes center, balanced and grounded.

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