Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault, MA, UWTH, UWTGH, RMT, CHT resides in Middletown, she provides pet care, Intuitive dog training lessons, and health and wellness Universal White Time Healing and Crystal Healing Sessions for people with their pets. Roslyn specializes in working with animals and their owners towards building a harmonious space while the pet owner(s) have to travel or be away from their beloved pet companions for any reason.  Roslyn enjoys taking care all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, as well as, other kinds of pets. Roslyn is the owner/operator of IPCT,  Roslyn has over 30 plus years experience as an  animal trainer with, which started with her own cats, dogs, and birds,

     Roslyn solidified her skills as a Positive Dog Trainer, through Our Companions Canine College Program.  Additionally, Roslyn holds  a Masters Degree in Social Sciences from Wesleyan University and B.S. in Photography/Studio Arts from Charter Oak State University and 

     Roslyn is the proud owner of one healthy Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie cross-breed, one rescued Cockatiel and one adorable rescue Siamese Cat with a cute, nubby tail.
     Pet Sitting and Home Care Services are provided for cats, dogs, birds, and other kinds of animals.

     Dog training and obedience, Roslyn works only with the method of Positive Dog Training.
     As a Intuitive Spiritual Counselor Roslyn includes her expansive knowledge for wellness and health within all of her interactions with adults, children and pets.  Roslyn is a Reiki Trainer/Master, Universal White TIme Crystal Healer and Grief and Bereavement support for pet illness and loss, Roslyn brings positive healing energies into all of her good works.

     In March 2020, Roslyn become co-founder of Braulttree Wellness Center, Higganum, CT with her husband, William L. Brault, RMT, UWT: Level 1 and Level 2.  Roslyn is a Level 3 Universal White Time Crystal Practitioner.

     Roslyn has been a volunteer for Cat Tails Rescue in Middletown, Our Companions Rescue, Manchester, and  Homeward Bound, Chester. Presently, Roslyn is a foster parent for ARPH, a National Aussie Rescue Org.


Cat Pet Care

- In-home cat visits for one or more cats: feeding, playing,  litter box care

- Play and Company time.

Dog  Pet Care

- In-home dog visits for one or more dogs:

- Meals,

- Dog Walking (15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes),

- Play and company time.

Elder Dog Special Care

Holistic Services: Massage, Reiki Healings, Bach Flower Essense Remedies, TellingtonT Touch

Braulttree Studios
- Family and Pet Portraits

- Fine Art Photography

- Reclamation Furniture

Other Animals Pet Care

In home visits, caring for all kinds of animals, following each pet's specific care needs.

Holistic Healing & Wellness
For people and pets...
Intuitive Animal Communications,
Usui Japanese Reiki Healings, Magnified, Healing, Polarity, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Expressive Art Therapies,
Bereavement, Illness, & Grief Counseling.
Intuitive Animal Communication & Pastoral Counseling

Counseling families with problem pets and solving their dog's behaverial problems.




IPCT services offered ~ Braulttree Wellness Center for People and Animals.



Roslyn "Rosy" Carrier-Brault, MA, UWTH, UWTGH, RMT, CHT, Pastoral Counselor and Fine Art Photographer

Braulttree Wellness Center

Higganum, CT 06441

Phone: 860-344-9573


Offering Holistic and Wellness Services for People and Animals.

Call for a consultation: 860-344-9573.



Welcome to Intuitive Pet Care and Training, LLC.

Hello, my name is, Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault, MA, RMT


  • In-Home Consultations.
    Roslyn will come to your home for a private one-on-one lessons, where she can
    meet with you and your dog acts naturally.

  • It is important for all family members who interact with your dog on a daily basis to be present. Although young children do not have to be present.

  • Please allow two to four hours for each consultation (Roslyn will stay until everyone feels confident with lesson). By allowing enough time to talk about your concerns, this allows Roslyn to observe what is going on with your dog in their home environment.

  • This method works with your dog’s personality and gently, allows for changing their reaction in the environment that is causing them to be reactive or have other bad behaviors.

  • The lesson is about helping your dog to become successful and by asking your dog to become willing to cooperate, because they want to. Roslyn will be teaching and demonstrating the key components of Positive Dog Training.

  • Together with you and your dog, Roslyn will provide a training/behavior shaping plan to be followed after the lesson, for each member of your dog’s family. Because each dog is different, it is important to write a plan for each dog within your family, keeping in mind how every dog in your pack has its place in relationship to its owner/the leader and provider.


  • Life long support is an important part of the consultation, which means Roslyn will be on hand to help when needed.  It is normal over the early period of training your dog will “ask” by challenging the new hierarchy.  The essential thing for long-term success is for you to remain patience and consistent as your dog’s leader.  There are no quick fixes: the longer a bad behavior has been allowed to go on, the longer it is going to take to remodel it.  Roslyn will be there for you, offering support and guidance, every step of the way, as you build a lasting bond of communication with your dog. 


  • Please be aware that illness affects your dog’s behavior, Sometimes very badly.  This is why it is important to visit with your dog’s veterinarian, especially if you have seen or been experiencing any sudden changes in behaviors.

  • If you just want to talk about concerns that you are having with your dog, call Roslyn, 860-344-9573. 

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